Xenophobia Quartett


Samstag, 18. Juni 2016, 20:00


Jonathan Strauch | Altsaxophon
David Whitwell | Posaune
Marius Moritz | Piano
Steffen Roth | Schlagzeug
The Xenophobia Quartet was formed in 2015 in New York City and Dresden, Germany. Pianist Marius Moritz, percussionist Steffen Roth, saxophonist Jonathan Strauch and trombonist David Whitwell came together in New York City firstly to create a new anti xenophobia, and specifically anti PEGIDA album as a collaboration with the Underground Brass.  ( Months later, the group met again in Dresden to perform their first concert as a quartet, and later in Berlin to record their second album, And They Lived Happily Ever After. The Xenophobia Quartet is a unique, bass-less instrumentation performing composed, semi-composed and improvised music, drawing from the members' vast experience in jazz, art, choral, free and 21st century musics. The goal of the quartet is to use modern music as a catalyst for discussion and enlightenment surrounding xenophobia in modern society- In Germany, looking at problems with PEGIDA and racist far right wing movements, and in the US, examining fear mongering in the media, racism in policing and in politics, and foreign policy based on war. The Quartet attempts to use programatic elements of their music to provide solace to victims, inspiration to activists, and education to racists.



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